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“The green oak and cedar—the dark pine, the yellow and silvery-barked willow—each majestic old tree; hath its own peculiar tone and whisper for thine ear.”

― Elizabeth J. Eames

Florida Trees FAQ

Overview About North Florida Flora & Fauna

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Gage Tree Care professional arborist specializes in providing detailed answers to common tree issues such as disease, pests, and environmental stressors. We believe in offering comprehensive solutions that restore the health and vitality of your trees. We provide a wide range of services, from pruning and fertilizing, to tree removal and planting. Our team of experts is ready to help you make the best decisions for your trees.

Benefits of Trees To The Community and Individual

Trees provide benefits that promote health, social well being, and even help your home. Trees serve many purposes 
in your local community and throughout the entire world. 

Avoiding Tree Damage 
During Construction


Possible ways in which existing trees may be damaged during a construction 
project and methods for planning and fa
cilitating the prevention of tree damage

New Tree Planting

Information on proper practices for planting a tree in Florida. This report details  a nine-step 
approach to to help guide a successful planting and establishment of trees

Assessing Damage and Restoring Trees After a Hurricane

The University of Florida  Agricultural Sciences created the Urban Forest Hurricane Recovery Program to  foster a wind-resistant. healthy urban forest.

peace from Slash Pines

Insect and Disease 

Improve your knowledge about insects and diseases that may 
affect tree health, and learn proper steps for diagnosis.

Proper Mulching

Mulches are applied to the soil surface to maintain moisture 
and improve soil conditions. However, if misapplied, mulch 
may have little, or even negative, impact on trees

Connecting with nature

Northeast Florida Invasive Plants

FISC compiles invasive species lists that are revised every two years. Professional botanists and others perform exhaustive studies to determine invasive plants that should be placed on the lists.

“That each day I may walk unceasingly on the banks of my water, that my soul may repose on the branches of the trees which I planted, that I may refresh myself under the shadow of my sycamore.”

– Egyptian tomb inscription

Ask An Arborist

Have Questions About North Florida Trees?

Are you looking for answers to questions about trees? Our arborists can provide you with expert advice on all aspects of tree care. Whether you have questions about local flora and fauna, general tree care and maintenance, or specific concerns about a particular species, our arborists are here to help. Common questions and answers about local flora and fauna can be found below, or you can ask our arborists directly by typing a question into the chat box. Our experienced team of arborists are here to help you care for your trees and ensure that they remain healthy and vibrant.

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The Beautiful Trees of Nassau County

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