Meet Our Team

Scott Gage

Scott Gage

Scott is truly a force of nature. A certified arborist since 2003, he's been in trees for 30+ years, from coast to coast, and even in the far north of Alaska. Out in the field, side-by-side with the crew, he works tirelessly to get your job done.

Josh S

Joshua Stafford

A native Floridian, Josh is a certified arborist that also enjoys landscape design. When we let him have free time, he tries to get out for some golf, or if he's really lucky, an afternoon surf session.


Tracy Whipple

A native Floridian, Tracy spent 20+ years in the hustle & bustle of the SF Bay Area. Living the beach life again, it's guaranteed she'll give you the friendliest customer service on the island. Don't believe it? Give us a call and find out for yourself.

Chris P

Chris Privette

On the Gage Crew since almost the start, Chris loves developing his arboreal skills. A Charlotte NC native, Chris is calm, cool & collected, but is always super-excited to learn something new.


My trees look AWESOME! Stephanie W.